Wanna win $50 to spend on music?

I hope you’ve had lots to smile about in the last few weeks! 

I’m always looking for the positives in any situation, and I hope and can give you one more thing to smile about.

I’ve been growing my livestream shows over the last few months, and I’m so excited to now be offering prizes twice a week to my viewers!

Have you heard about my shows?

Celebrity Country Music Wizis my online trivia show, where the audience gets to compete live against 4 amazing country artists!

It happens every Wednesday night at 7.30pm AEST, and this week we will have Tom Wolfe, Duncan Toombs, Andrew Swift and Ashleigh Dallas testing their country music knowledge.

Each week, one lucky viewer wins our mystery prize – where they get to pick a CD from their favourite artist and we’ll send it out to them!

The Midday Muster with Dani Young is my country music talk show, where I interview artists on their new songs (this week is Luke O’Shea), and I write a song completely live with my audience giving me inspiration through the comments.

I’ve partnered with InView TV to bring this show to you live every Sunday at 12pm AEST via Facebook and OVO Mobile’s streaming platform, OVO Play.

Each week, I pick which audience member came up with the best lyrics in our songwriting session, and they win $50 of music (CDs of their choice)!

Best of all, we’re supporting Aussie artists!

Yep! Instead of iTunes or JB HiFi taking a big slice of the pie, we’re ordering directly from artist’s online stores, so they get to keep as much of the profits as possible, while you get your new music.

I know times are tough, and finances may be tight right now, and I’m so excited to be helping you get new music while keeping our Aussie artists in business.

I hope to see you in a livestream show soon, and fingers crossed you win!



P.S. Wanna support Aussie music for free? Check out my Aussie Country Pop playlist on Spotify.

P.P.S. Wanna support my livestream shows? Join my amazing supporters in leaving a tip in my virtual tip jar: www.paypal.me/daniyoungmusic

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