Valentine’s Day re-imagining of the ultimate love song

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the iconic power ballad “Keep On Loving You” – the REO Speedwagon hit, penned by Kevin Cronin, that appeared on their multi-platinum album Hi Infidelity.

The song topped charts around the world, including the US Billboard chart. Now a classic tune that transcends its era, “Keep On Loving You” has racked up 150 million streams and remains an eternal favourite on radio, in films, TV and advertising.

This Valentine’s Day, Australian country artist and Golden Guitar-finalist Dani Young releases a fresh new take on this iconic love song.

Produced by multi-instrumentalist Michael Carpenter at Love Hz Studios in Sydney, this re-imagined classic uses Dani’s heartfelt vocal interpretation to capture a lover’s plight.

There’s a tip of the hat to the classic power ballad style with a fresh twang and harmonic twist.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the ultimate love song – “Keep On Loving You”