New additions to the Aussie Country Pop Playlist

Country music is a rapidly growing genre in Australia, and Aussie artists are currently producing world-class hits that rival songs coming out of the US. The new Aussie Country Pop Spotify playlist brings you the best new songs on the Australian country radio charts.

New additions to the playlist:

  • Renee Jonas – Blame It On the Wine

  • Natalie Pearson – Plan B

  • Melanie Dyer – Memphis T-Shirt

  • Dani Young – Desert Water (Live Acoustic)

  • Aleyce Simmonds – I Could Dance With You

  • Fanny Lumsden – Peed In The Pool

  • Cassidy-Rae – Throwback

  • Casey Barnes – A Little More

  • Emma Jene – Feels So Good

Curated by Golden Guitar-nominated Australian country artist Dani Young, follow and save this playlist for the latest and greatest country pop tunes!

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