From mentor to collaborator! New song with Marty Rhone.

I met Marty Rhone when I was 14.

He was my first ever performance coach, and taught me how to work the stage and sing a song like I really meant it.

Honestly, I didn’t really know who he was at first but mum told me he had hit songs in the 70s with “Denim and Lace” and “Mean Pair of Jeans”.

I dropped out of ballet classes to take his coaching course instead because I knew singing was my true passion.

We would study concert videos of Shania Twain, Robbie Williams and Tina Turner to pick apart what made them great entertainers.

Then he would coach me on my own performances, singing songs like Me and Bobby McGee, and Black Velvet over and over again until I perfected them.

Now 15 years later, we have officially released a song together!

The lessons I learnt from Marty have brought me where I am today, and also sparked an obsession with Shania Twain 🤣

This is a FULL CIRCLE moment recording a song with my mentor and I’m loving every minute of it!Check out our medley of Country Roads/On The Road Again which is raising money for Drought Angels charity, supporting Australian farmers doing it tough.

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