First look at new single artwork!

Hey friends! As part of this very special club, you get to be the first to see the new cover art for my next single! As a 100% independent artist, I’m extremely hands-on and take a Do-It-Yourself approach. So, I used this beautiful photo from a photoshoot with Sydney photographer Lyn Taylor, and did myContinueContinue reading “First look at new single artwork!”

[video] Jam Session at Kelly Brouhaha’s gig

I was very lucky to play my first gig of the year at Petersham Bowling club with Kelly Brouhaha on Sunday 16th May. Kelly had been running some facebook ads in the lead up to the gig and attracted some blues enthusiasts to come along… one of which brought his harmonica hoping for a jam.ContinueContinue reading “[video] Jam Session at Kelly Brouhaha’s gig”

A bit of poetry for you

Here’s a few lines of poetry that I wrote on this day back in 2018. I’ve never shared these with anyone, and haven’t turned them into a song… they’re just sitting in my phone. I wrote this about someone I went on a few dates with, but soon realised they needed to do some workContinueContinue reading “A bit of poetry for you”

Exclusive star-studded video from Ben Ransom’s album launch

Hey guys! Here’s the first exclusive behind-the-scenes video I’m posting in this membership club! I went along to Ben Ransom’s album launch in Sydney this weekend at the Lansdowne Hotel, and was very lucky to be invited up onstage during the finale (pre-encore). I couldn’t miss the opportunity to capture some footage to show youContinueContinue reading “Exclusive star-studded video from Ben Ransom’s album launch”

I won a grant! Save the date for a big show

My dear executive team. As promised, you will always get to know about big news and tour dates ‘waaaaay’ ahead of everyone else. So here’s the first juicy bit of news you get to keep to yourselves until further notice: I’ve been selected to received the Play The City grant from Create NSW, aimed atContinueContinue reading “I won a grant! Save the date for a big show”

Exclusive: Original demo of Hillbilly Cider

Look what I’ve pulled out of the archives for you! Just this week, Jed Zarb performed our itunes #1 single Hillbilly Cider on Channel 7’s morning show Sunrise to millions(?) of viewers around Australia. As I scrolled through my voice memos on my phone recently, I discovered this gem dated 11 June 2017. It wasContinueContinue reading “Exclusive: Original demo of Hillbilly Cider”

The Original Lyrics to ‘Stepping Stones’

I’ve NEVER shown anyone this before! Take a peek inside my songwriting book. I wrote the first couple of verses of Stepping Stones in my head on a bus and carried them around for a while before writing them down. But as you can see, the second half of the song had a few rewrites.ContinueContinue reading “The Original Lyrics to ‘Stepping Stones’”

For Executive Eyes Only

So you’ve joined the Executive Team. Now this is exciting! You’re going to be getting all the juicy gossip, the advance insights, and better yet, VOTING POWER! Whenever there’s a decision to be made, I’ll be calling a ‘board meeting’ with my Executive Team and taking a vote. Which song do I record next? -ContinueContinue reading “For Executive Eyes Only”