My Eurovision Entry

So, you may have heard me mention working on a secret project. For many years now, I’ve had the goal to enter a song into Eurovision. After a shocker of a year with tour cancellations, pushing back new music releases, and overall feeling burned out with yet more lockdowns, I decided to put everything asideContinueContinue reading “My Eurovision Entry”

Jungle Juice Blues with Lyrics!

Hey Executives, Your feedback on Jungle Juice Blues was that you couldnt quite make out all the lyrics in that live performance video, so I’ve made a version for you with subtitles so you don’t miss a line! I wrote this song with Allison Forbes at the DAG songwriting retreat last November, and this performanceContinueContinue reading “Jungle Juice Blues with Lyrics!”

It’s Time For an Online Concert…

Hey guys, It’s about time I did an online concert for you all! I’d love to know what day and time you guys would like? I’m thinking maybe a weekend… Let me know in the comments below and I’ll lock it in! Hey there! Looks like you’re checking out my exclusive membership group. You’ll haveContinue reading “It’s Time For an Online Concert…”

Vote: Which Song Do I Enter?

Hi guys, As I mentioned in our Executive Team meeting, Kasey Chambers is running a competition where she will select an artist to record an EP for free at her brand new recording studio. After 2 years of barely any gigs, this prize would be amazing to help me get a bunch of new songsContinueContinue reading “Vote: Which Song Do I Enter?”

My 2021 Bio

I had to update my bio recently for Golden Guitar nominations and realised, despite everything I’ve actually had a pretty cool year on paper! Thought I’d share: Dani Young is a Sydney artist with a soulful approach to country music. Previously nominated for a Golden Guitar for her album with Warren H Williams, Young’s careerContinueContinue reading “My 2021 Bio”

My Song Is In A Movie!!

Hey guys, You may remember me mentioning that I wrote a song for the international award-winning movie ‘Stille Nacht’, which is now streaming on SBS On Demand. (How amazing is that?!) I want to share a bit about the process of writing for a movie, and show you the scene featuring my song! Writing aContinueContinue reading “My Song Is In A Movie!!”

Starting Something Cool Over on Youtube

Hi guys, You may have noticed I’ve been creating a number of youtube videos lately! With Facebook’s algorithm causing livestream numbers to drop significantly, I thought I might try something else with a big more longevity. I find most people don’t watch livestreams back at a later date, so it makes sense to invest someContinueContinue reading “Starting Something Cool Over on Youtube”

Director’s Cut – 5 Worst Music Performances on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Hey guys! I wanted to give you early access to my latest youtube video. As it turns out, many of the artists in this video have banned these performances from being on the internet (I guess they were very embarrassed!) and Youtube didn’t want to let my video include them, so I have to doContinueContinue reading “Director’s Cut – 5 Worst Music Performances on ‘Saturday Night Live’”

HELP! How do we get more viewers on the Live Songwriting Challenge?

Hey guys! Have you watched my new livestream show, the “Live Songwriting Challenge”? I’ve run 3 episodes on my facebook page, where I write a new song live in 30 minutes using audience comments as the lyrics. While I’ve had a lot of success with my livestream shows The Midday Muster and Celebrity Country MusicContinueContinue reading “HELP! How do we get more viewers on the Live Songwriting Challenge?”

Who Owns the Rights of a Co-Written Song?

Today, I want to give you some advice and inside information about how songwriters negotiate ownership of a song they’ve written together. I’m using an example from a co-writing session I had with Kelly Brouhaha when she came over for a visit while on tour in Sydney. The picture above is a peek inside myContinueContinue reading “Who Owns the Rights of a Co-Written Song?”