My New Showreel!

Hey guys, I’m kicking off 2022 with a brand new showreel which I’ll be sending out to booking agents and music festivals to help score more band gigs! I’ve compiled a highlights reel from my Alibi launch gig at Foundry 616 in Sydney back in June 2021 (juuuuust before lockdown). I had an all-star bandContinueContinue reading “My New Showreel!”

Join me for Fan Night on CCMW

Hope you’re getting ready for a wonderful Christmas! You might have seen that Celebrity Country Music Wiz is back on Wednesday nights. We had Cassidy-Rae and Emily Hatton competing last week, and we have Andrew Swift and Angus Gill coming up this week. Following Christmas, I’m going to be hosting a Fan Night, where youContinueContinue reading “Join me for Fan Night on CCMW”

Guests coming up on Celebrity Country Music Wiz

I’ve been organising some awesome special guests to compete on Celebrity Country Music Wiz and you get to know about it first! This week I’ve got Cassidy Rae Wilson and Emily Hatton, who are good friends who must become rivals for the show. I’ve got Andrew Swift booked in for next Wednesday night and I’mContinueContinue reading “Guests coming up on Celebrity Country Music Wiz”

A Christmas Gift For You!

It’s festive season again, and I’m excited for all the fun traditions, reunions and over-eating that comes with it! I want to thank you all for your incredible support during what has been an extremely tough year. I’ve decided to become a virtual Christmas caroller this year and would like to gift you a freeContinueContinue reading “A Christmas Gift For You!”

Live Performance Video (SNEAK PEEK)

After an incredible launch show in Sydney back in June, I decided to make a live performance video of my latest single Alibi! I was lucky to have a friend set up multiple cameras to film the show and we captured some incredible stuff. This video is still in progress but I thought you guysContinueContinue reading “Live Performance Video (SNEAK PEEK)”

Songwriting Cheat Sheet

If you were thinking about writing a song, here’s a pretty cool lyric writing system that was recommended to me. I haven’t tried it out myself yet, but perhaps we could try it together on a livestream some time. Its a road map to plan out how your story is going to fit into theContinueContinue reading “Songwriting Cheat Sheet”

We’ve hit 14 members!

Hey guys, Just wanted to share how happy I’m feeling at this amazing milestone… I now have 14 active members across all the tiers in this membership! Over the last 6 months I’ve been refining this members site, creating new features and benefits, posting exclusive content, and learning to hand over power to my ExecutiveContinueContinue reading “We’ve hit 14 members!”

Golden Guitar Changes – UPDATE

Hey guys, I spoke with my Executive Team (top level members) a few weeks ago about the proposed changes to the Golden Guitar Awards for next year onwards. The proposed changes were the removal of the Bluegrass and Instrumental categories, as well as banning cover songs in the Vocal Collaboration category. After our Executive TeamContinueContinue reading “Golden Guitar Changes – UPDATE”

Livestream Concert Announcement

Hey guys, You’re hearing it here first, I’ve decided to do a livestream concert on my facebook page next Thursday night at 7.30pm. What songs would you like to hear? I’ll try to accomodate as many requests from my members as possible (as long as I know the song!) Let me know in the commentsContinueContinue reading “Livestream Concert Announcement”