A rat bit me on tour! 🐀

I still can’t believe it myself, quite frankly.

There I was, asleep in my bed. 😴

I was on tour with another artist called Angus Gill, and we were in the middle of a hectic two week tour of Queensland.

We had been driving for hours every day, playing gigs every day, and on this day we’d reached the northernmost point on our tour.

We would be turning around and driving back south in the following days, but for now we had stopped for a few days in a stunning location, staying in gorgeous luxury log cabins after a really special gig.

(I had such a beautiful time at this place that I won’t be naming them… I’ll be keeping them anony-mouse 🐁)


I was curled up asleep in my bed, on my side with my hand underneath my pillow, directly underneath my head.

Suddenly, I woke up to a sharp pain in my little finger, under the pillow.

I bolted upright, dazed and confused, and switched on the bedside lamp.

I quickly snatched my pillow up…. but saw nothing. Was I dreaming?

It was 3:00AM. I must have been dreaming, I decided, so I lay back down.

Next second, I feel the springs on the mattress moving. THERE’S SOMETHING IN HERE!

I fling back the sheets, snatch up my pillow and still nothing there. Then I snatch up the pillow next to me…


THE RAT!!! 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

It ran off the bed and behind the other bedside table. I spent hours and hours looking for it.

I just wanted to catch it in a plastic bag and put it outside so at least I knew it was gone, and I could sleep in peace.

I never found that rat-menace, and I did not sleep that night. I sat upright in my bed listening for tiny footsteps, fearing another nibble on my finger.

Earlier that night, the rat had a lovely feast on my tour snacks, then my pinky finger was dessert.

The GOOD NEWS? I am not infected with any diseases!

The BAD NEWS? I now have constant cravings for cheese, like to scurry around in the middle of the night, and am growing some strange whiskers.

But it’s made for a great story!

Thanks for bearing with me through that traumatic experience.

I’ve got plenty more unusual stories to tell you, and I’m excited to get to share this inside look into my crazy life as a singer-songwriter.

xx Dani